About Us

With the passion to bring together a community of travellers, writers, explorers and people who are willing to wander and roam, Touristspot is the brain child  of a couple of electronics engineers. Intending to create a platform for people to come together, discover places and share their experiences, Touristspot provides its users with a beautiful way to tell the world stories that matter. With a clean, simple and intuitive design, we wish to make your storytelling experience extremely smooth and seamless.

Touristspot ONLY caters to Indian destinations, because we believe that there are a lot of places or a lot of ways in which India still needs to be explored. Putting together people well travelled and people who are willing to travel is something we at Touristspot look to do, as we believe that helps develop a better travel community which is more aware and is unafraid to explore. We''ve built this sight for you to put down an account of how your experience was, in terms of ease of travel, people, accommodation, etc. or write about how you think the city or state is.

For queries, feedback and helping out as a developer/content editor/marketing person, please write to feedback@touristspot.in