Being my home town, Aurangabad has always been close to my heart, because I am brought up here. With loads of my memories right from as a Kid to fully grown up, I just love this place its climate always bright, the language of course Marathi my favourite one to always communicate, the cuisine is just awesome like, Puran Poli, Thecha, Kande Pohe and many more to list. Sorry my mouth is watering now, I miss the Maharashtrian food a lot. Well this was all about what I feel about my home town, more to tell is that Aurangabad is one of the historical cities of India. Yes it was named after the last Mughal Emperor Aurangazed who breathed his last in this historical city he captured in some where 1636. Aurangabad is the Deccan part of Maharashtra with lots of Tourist Spots to visit, like;

Image titleBibi-Ka-Maqbara popularly known as Taj of Deccan, Aurangabad Caves, Ajanta Paintings, Ellora Caves, Daulatabad Fort, Ghrishneshwar Temple, hill stations like Pitalkhora which is the exact replica of Aurangabad Caves, Mahismal, Sonehri Mahal - here you will find the mughal paintings made up of Gold, here every year the Ellora-Ajanta music festival is held .

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Aurangabad is also known as city of Gates as it is surrounded by many of such gates which are Bhadkal Gate, Delhi Gate, Rangeen Darwaza, Roshan Gate, Paithan Gate, Jaffar Gate and many more to list. Aurangabad has one more historical monument to its list, that is Panchakki - a Water Mill which is inspired from mill used to grind grain. It is connected from well which is just above the Harsul River junction with a tributary stream eight kilometers away with a water pipe proceeding to Panchakki reservoir. Visiting this monument is a must when you are at Aurangabad, the Deccan city of Maharashtra.

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Not just the historical places, Aurangabad has smaal place 50km away from the main city named as Paithan. Paithan is famous for Paithani Sarees, yes this saree is the famous Maharashtrian silk and worn by almost all the brides on their marriage. Paithani sarees are handwoven and is the favourite one among the ladies here, this saree is also availble in machine woven but the handwoven has a special effect which machine woven can never have so the people visition Aurangabad go for a hand woven Paithani Saree. Paithan is also famous for delicious Guavas, you can have a delight of these tasty guavas at a famous garden in Paithan the Sant Eknath Garden.

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