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I have visited Goa on different occasions spaced over a period of time. The first time I was in Goa I was busy moving from island to island visiting all the beaches I could. Alongside I was in a rush to see the forts, churches, building etc. - The so called site seeing business. It was good for the first visit. Then there was New Year but at that point of time New Year meant attending the New Year party held by the hotel I stayed in. To my horror a very badly accented Bihari guy hosted the party and I soon walked into my room and watched the TV New Year program airing at the time. As a family person it never occurred to me that the fun might all have been outside.

On another visit I went for a marriage a destination wedding to be precise. The resort was lovely but there was no time to step out as Goa beaches are spread out and you need to keep a lot of time for travelling especially if you are staying in South Goa as all happening places are in North Goa. Also the activities and the dressing up took up all the time. By the end of the trip I realized the destination was hardly important and any resort nearest your own town would have sufficed. A destination wedding at Goa was pointless for guests. I do agree that the backdrop of the sunset and the sea was breathtaking.

But this time I airdropped into Goa with friends and it was a different GOA all together. We did not bother to drive around and waste time on sightseeing and breaking your legs in the process. We chose our spots well and just landed on the chosen beach with all ammo and simply chilled out there. We rented chairs with umbrella and took in the air. We bathed in the beaches, got massages done, did appropriate wear shopping there itself. We visited the local night markets the evening shaks and had a whale of a time. I even brought back a tattoo.Image title

Once I had even gone on a boat to listen to Goan music and party on a boat. Dancing on Goan songs is much more fun than your regular Bollywood songs. Goan food may be a letdown if you do not eat at the right place, so choose well. If you like street food, then do try the omelet bun which is available in the evenings at the beaches, sold by small vendors. Martin Corner is one of the best places to eat sea food and Goan food in. It is for nothing that almost all celebrities who visit Goa land up eating here. Prior reservations help, as you may otherwise have to wait for long periods. []

The Anjuna beach has a stony beach but the 2 storied shack gives you a great view. I thoroughly enjoyed the street food there and also the sunset. But my favourite of all was the Manderim Beach as it had a lot of foreigners and was a totally chilled out beach. If you wish to combine luxury with great water sports then the TAJ Aquada is the best place to be..

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