My semester holidays are always peculiar with odd sem holidays being too short and ending in a flash while those in the even sem are too long that we tend to forget totally about college life and almost become home sick. So, the tour plans in my family also vary accordingly like short schedule within Tamil Nadu for the former and long agenda out of TN for the latter. At the end of the third semester, I had only ten to twelve days; since I needed some time to enjoy being at home, we decided to go to Trichy for a day or two as dad had to attend some marriage out there. As it is, there is one of our family friends ready to receive and treat us with smile.

          Since I don't like to go to temples for the main reason that I have already visImage titleited enough temples for my whole lifetime within the age of 18, courtesy the pilgrimage freaks mom and dad, Srirengam was omitted from our minds. It was unanimously decided that we go to Kallanai, the historical dam constructed by Karikalan.

          The very spot instilled a pride feeling by a hall for the great king, Karikala Chozhan. As I noticed the polished sculpture, I could feel blood gushing through the veins due to his appearance. There is something to speak of his facial appearance; the flat face with large eyes denoted his willpower and his twisted, thick mush indicated his might; the mild yet notable smile demonstrated his assault over his enemies. The ornaments spoke of his royalty and the elephant in which he was sitting looked to second his courage and boldness. But, the pristine atmosphere was being belittled there as everyone coming there started clicking pictures was profile pictures without knowing really about the great man. Even the slippers were dropped here and there without any order which made the pure location a bit shabby. The hall was beautifully surrounded by shady trees and lined with good footpath.

          After sometime, when we had quite enjoyed the place, we strolled over to the bridge to have a marvelous view of the everé strong dam. It was nothing less than stunning as the dynamic motion of Cauvery combined with the static position of the Grand AniImage titlecut. Each and every pillar of it seemed to challenge the Britain excellence of architecture. There were some slabs to direct the streamlined flow of water regularly. Birds of known and unknown names were flying in flocks and grazing over the spilled out food items. Particularly, an ostrich waiting for the perfect catch of fish to come to the surface of water was being watched by mobs of people and exemplified the traditional Tamil poetry that an ostrich would always wait for the big fish to appear rather than being content with the smaller ones.

          We also spent time at the park near the dam which was maintained in a surprisingly extraordinary manner. The flowers blossoming there spoke volumes about the nature of water available in that region.

          Built in the 2nd century, this gritty dam is a worthwhile spot to visit at least once in a lifetime. There have been developments in and around but this dam is a testimony to the saying, OLD IS GOLD.

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