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Our visit to Kanha national park was very exciting. It was a beautiful experience and is a must visit place for all. Kanha is an amazing place. It is very peaceful and a quiet place ideal for enjoying the beauties of nature. We had gone to Kanha national park via Nagpur a 4 hours drive by road. The drive was very smooth and we enjoyed the countryside views to our fullest. All of us were feeling sleepy when we were going to Kanha from Nagpur but the view kept us awake. We stopped at many place to admire the beauty of nature. We stopped at a place to buy organic guavas and oranges. They were the most amazing guavas and oranges we ever had.After few hours we finally reached our destination. It was 7pm when we reached the resort  "Bagh Vilas".It is one of the most amazing resorts in which we have stayed. Everything was perfect about that resort.Thankfully weather was very pleasant all through our stay. That day we only rested and had our dinner around a bonfire. The sky was very beautiful there unlike the one we see in cities. We could identify many constellations. The next day we visited the famous Kanha national park. We entered through the Mukki gate.It was the most beautiful, forest I have ever seen. It was very vast and dense. In our first visit we saw the most majestic creature on this planet, the Tiger. It was an awesome sighting. We saw it walking down the road. The experience is unexplainable. We also saw many other animals such as the spotted deer,Sambar deers, jackals,wild dogs,many exotic birds and also Barasingha which is only native to Kanha.We spent about 4 hours in the park and returned to the resort. We had our breakfast as soon as we reached the resort and then after the breakfast, my dad and me went for cycling. When we returned we had our lunch and rested for the remaining day. The next day we again went to the park but couldn't see the tiger yet it was an amazing drive in the jungle. When we returned we again went for cycling and then in the afternoon we went to the famous haat of Baiyaara village in Kanha. On the next day we set off for the airport at 5am .It was an amazing trip and I will definitely visit Kanha national park againImage title.

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