Picnics have always been a part of my life. On a pleasant morning of the December month, me, dad and mom set out to Pichavaram, which is some 50 kms from Cuddalore, my hometown. This was the haven of peace, the abode of mangrove trees, being the second largest area with kind of trees in the whole world. Dad always plans each and every tour meticulously so that any hindrance due to huge masses crowding the spot is averted. Since it was semester holidays for me, both of them had to sacrifice one working day from their schedule in order to make me thoroughly enjoy the day.

We got down on the way to Chidambaram and had to board an auto foThe Coluds in The Afternoonr 70 bucks. I was mesmerized right at our entry in there. There's no other superlative I can find in any English dictionary to describe the superlative feeling of experiencing bliss in reality. The petrichor which usually preludes the rain could be scented everywhere in the atmosphere. It was 2 o' clock in the noon but the intensity of sun could never be felt. We got some snacks to munch from the only shop available there since the pristine glory of the mangrove trees and the boathouse could be spoiled by the litter if numerous shops are established.

Dad bought boating tickets for four members. Although we were only three, we were forced to spend extra from our pockets so as to cherish each every moment of traversing nature's beauty by ourselves. For me, boating meant pedaling and vice - versa till that day. But, that was not to be. Our boatman, who could at any cost be well above 50, maneuvered the wooden structure with ease as we started gazing at the unfathomable water that seemed to expand beyond infinity, though the whole village excluding the water body would not be larger than than any campus of IIT.Evergreen Bondage - Trees deep - rooted Underwater

As we started our sojourn, some motor boats could be spotted surpassing us. Dad just smiled at me, which signified that the dazzle of nature could not be enjoyed by those roaring beasts, which completed their cycle in just more than 30 minutes, whereas we had the heavenly advantage of chiseling every angelic scenario to our hearts in a gradual manner.

When we trailed through a narrow passage of water arched by trees on both sides, the mixture of extreme emoThe Boatmantions took over me as the fear of loneliness (of course, we were four in number, considering the boatman) got coupled with the ecstasy of being at the most unspoken gift of nature. Since motor boats were not allowed into that area, we were the only ones at the center of nature's hidden treasure. Biological terms of various trees like Avicennia and Rhizophora flowed out from his mouth with ease, as I imagined the hardship he ought to have endured to memorize and pronounce those names.

The fat trees, which had their roots underwater, seemed to exemplify their plutonic bond Capturing The Pristine Glorywith nature. Shrieks of birds were the only sounds in the whole, immeasurable area, as the silent, mildly - floating waters shook hands with the slow dance of trees due to the whoosh of wind.

After this slow sailing for almost 150 minutes, when we were back to the shore, I was numbed. The ultimate effect of meditating or performing yoga occupied me, as the entire place looked like a spot of enlightenment of me. To add to it, when I came to know that Thane, the brutal storm, which ravaged and ruined Cuddalore, could not move a single brick in any house of that locality, a single thought immersed me - Nature is Omnipresent and Omnipotent; do Justice to it and You Are Safe.

Mom and Dad

The Feel of Nirvana

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