Many stores next to each other.

T Nagar, is indeed a haven for shoppers, especially  bulk shoppers. T Nagar is always crowded, as people not only from Chennai city, but across Tamilnadu and nearby districts of Andhra Pradesh throng to this market for its whole sale rates and sheer amount of stock of everything available. Also a variety of products from clothes to jewelry to household products are availableGold and sarees here in well laid out shops that have air conditioning too.

You can see whole families drop in to shop for marriages and festivals. The rates are so affordable that you wonder how the shops make any profit only to realize that the sheer amount of sales is mindboggling. Stuff from shelves disappears so fast that one wonders whether things are being distributed free of cost or what.

IfPothy's the saree shop you visit Chennai, T Nagar is a sure stop because nowhere else in India can you see so many multistoried sari shops. It is a shopper's paradise and how the time flies you will not know. Be prepared to carry back loadImage titles of bags.

Every big brand in Chennai has a store in T Nagar especially Panagal Park.  For those more adventurous, Ranganathan street is ideal but it is a difficult road to enter, as it is stuffed with people, but you get things even more cheap on this street.

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